NASA Scientist: Texans Won’t Listen To Me About Climate Change Because I’M JEWISH (VIDEO)

While the Progressive Left would like you to think the definition of bigotry is when a right-wing, Christian, white person hates anyone who isn’t right-wing, white, or Christian. The ugly truth is bigots come in many shapes, sexes, colors, professions, and religious or political affiliations.

For example, while an intellectually honest person might suggest that those who don’t believe in Climate Change do so because they haven’t seen any real evidence to prove it exists. If you’re a Progressive Scientist working for NASA, it’s because the Climate Denier is antisemitic.

According to Rebel Media NASA climate scientist, Gavin Schmidt (pictured above), told an audience that Texans won’t listen to him when it comes to Climate Change because he’s a liberal, Jewish, atheist from New York:

There are some communities I can’t talk to because I’m a liberal, Jewish, atheist from New York City. Right? So if I go to Texas and try to tell people about Climate Change I’m probably the wrong messenger because we don’t have any shared values frankly.”

Video below:

(Image: Metcalf)

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