Nancy Pelosi Incorrectly Refers to Obama’s Iran Deal AS A TREATY (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi Iran

Obama’s Iran Deal is not a treaty. The Obama administration didn’t want it to be a treaty because if it had been, congress would have had to approve it.

In the clip below, Nancy Pelosi argues that our sailors were returned quickly because of the Iran deal but refers to it as a treaty twice and is never corrected by CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Here’s a partial transcript:


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended the Iran nuclear deal even as tensions between Washington and Tehran flared over the detention of 10 American sailors, arguing that “this is proof that building a diplomatic relationship with Iran, at least in terms of the nuclear treaty, has served us well.”

Pelosi framed the return of the sailors on Wednesday morning after a short detention as a vindication of the Obama administration’s efforts to develop a diplomatic relationship with the longtime U.S. foe.

“The fact is they are free. They’re back. It happened quickly,” Pelosi told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “And I think the diplomacy involved in the treaty and the fact that the implementation day is imminent all weighed in to make this something that was resolved as quickly as possible.”

Watch the video:

One upside of the Iran Deal not being a treaty is that the next president can undo it with the stroke of a pen.

Let’s hope that happens.


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