Nancy Pelosi Claims NO ONE CARES About The Sexual Assaults in Bill Clinton’s Past (VIDEO)

nancy pelosi

Democrats are so delusional. Nancy Pelosi is now claiming Americans don’t care about the alleged sexual assaults in Bill Clinton’s past.

Newsbusters reports:

Appearing on MSNBC, Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi insisted that the sex accusations against Bill Clinton are not important because he’s not the one running for president and that no one cares about “what Bill Clinton did two decades ago.”

Calling Donald Trump a “volatile adversary,” anchor Andrea Mitchell worried, “How fraught is this with risk for the Democratic Party and for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?”

She followed-up, asking, “But on this issue of sexism and the issue of Bill Clinton’s past, is that fair game?”

Pelosi retorted, “It would be [an issue] if he were running for president, but he isn’t. Hillary Clinton is running for president.”

Keep telling yourself that, Nancy.


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