MUST SEE=> Trump Supporters ‘Diamond and Silk’ UNLOAD on ‘National Review Gang of 22’

Sisters, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, better known as the “Stump-for-Trump Girls,” have become a YouTube sensation over their support for Donald J. Trump.

The two sisters even spoke at two different Donald Trump rallies.
stump for trump rally

On Friday in an unprecedented editorial effort National Review, a semi-monthly conservative magazine based in New York City, published a special edition bashing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.


22 conservatives contributed to this special edition.
national review trump

This weekend the “Stump for Trump Girls” issued National Review a warning.
“Watch out. We’re coming for you!”

Today Diamond and Silk released their video–
“National Review and the Gang of 22, Meet the Gang of the Red, White and Blue”

From Diamond and Silk’s latest rant:

If you all are that conservative didn’t the Bible teach you about the 10 Commandments? That one commandment that said ‘Thou shalt not steal?’ So why are you all trying to steal Donald’s thunder? Trying to dim his shine? All because the conservative you’re trying to push is trailing from behind?

Oh, wrong move, wrong move. American people is tired of you trying to separate us because you have your own agenda…

…Now you have the gang of 22 writing hit pieces in the National Review. Who made you the conservative police?..

Who died and made you the conservative inspector?…

What you just did is separate yourself instead of unite yourself. The rest of us will continue to stump for Trump as the Red, White and Blue!

The ladies were ON FIRE this week!

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