Muslim Critic Tommy Robinson Attacked in Denmark at PEGIDA March

Islam critic Tommy Robinson was attacked today a PEGIDA march in Denmark. An “anti-fascist” ANTIFA fascist attacked the popular Muslim critic during the march and rally.
tommy robinson rally
Tommy Robinson is regularly attacked by political leaders, Islamists and liberal journalists (sometimes physically) for his views on Islam.

Vlad Tepes reported:

According to the organizer of PEGIDA Denmark, Tommy Robinson spoke, gave a great speech, and during the march was hit by an ANTIFA member, who typically instigate the violence at these marches which tends to make one wonder who, if any, the fascists really are, and Tommy gave back a solid defense.

Police are at this time dragging away violent PEGIDA attackers. This is live now as I just got a call from the march with a live description of events. CFTCJ has a videographer on site. Video should be available later here. YT may have alt sources now.

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