British Muslim MP Calls for “Poisonous, Corrosive” Trump to be Banned from Britain (VIDEO)

British lawmakers debated banning Donald Trump from Great Britain today.

The lawmakers have blocked off three hours to hold the debate.
trump britain debate

British MPs scheduled the debate after 500,000 people signed an anti-Trump petition. The petition was started after Trump suggested the US should temporarily ban all Muslim immigrants from the US.


Muslim MP Tulip Siddiq called Trump a poisonous, corrosive man.
tulip siddiq

She wants him banned from Britain over his commonsense remarks on Muslims.

“This is a man who is interviewing for the most important job in the world…. His words are not funny, his words are not comical, his words are poisonous.”

Tulip wants criticism of Islam to stop and Trump to be banned from Britain.

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