MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Calls Cruz and Rubio THE TWO CUBAN GUYS (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews Cruz and Rubio

Isn’t it amazing how liberals in media can get away with saying things that would be considered racist if anyone else said them? Here’s the latest example of progressive racism and condescension from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

News Busters reported:

Matthews: Who’ll Watch ‘The Two Cuban Guys’ If Trump Doesn’t Debate?

Imagine that in some future presidential election, two Mexican-American candidates are vying for the Dem nomination. The Dem frontrunner announces he won’t participate in the next debate. And a conservative pundit sneeringly says “who’s going to watch a debate between the two Mexican guys?” Now imagine all hell descending on that hapless conservative for his breach of political correctness.

Will anything similar befall Chris Matthews? Of course not. But on Hardball this evening, as news was breaking that Donald Trump won’t participate in Thursday’s debate in protest over Megyn Kelly’s presence on the panel, Matthews said “who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys?”

Watch the video:


No double standard there, right?

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