MSNBC Guest Claims Obama Has Shown Strength With Iran UNLIKE BUSH (VIDEO)

Hillary Mann Levertt

The left has so much invested in Obama that they’re determined to defend him, no matter how badly he fails. In the case of this MSNBC guest, she insists that Obama’s Iran Deal and the recent prisoner swap showed Obama is strong, unlike George W. Bush.

NewsBusters reports:

MSNBC Guest: Obama Showed ‘Strength’ on Iran Unlike Bush Who Showed ‘Weakness’ on Iraq

Appearing on Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s The Last Word, former Clinton and Bush administration diplomat Hillary Mann Leverett gushed that what President Obama has achieved with Iran is “[s]imilar to what President Nixon did with China” and “profoundly important, strategically grounded diplomacy” whereas George W. Bush “showed weakness on the world stage” with the Iraq War.

Host Lawrence O’Donnell asked Leverett to comment on the Republican criticism of President Obama on Iran and she began by first lamenting that besides Rand Paul, the GOP candidates have not embraced the belief that “what Obama has done with Iran is profoundly important, strategically grounded diplomacy.”

Leverett hyped that it’s “[s]imilar to what President Nixon did with China” as “[i]t’s just as profound, just as important for the United States, but this is narrative on the Republican side that it somehow shows weakness about President Obama.”

Watch the video:


It doesn’t really matter what Obama does or says.

The left will defend him for anything.


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