MORE FOX ANTI-TRUMP BIAS=> Chris Wallace Says Media Has Treated Trump “Too Well”

It’s not just Megyn Kelly–
fox debate hosts

Fellow FOX News debate moderator Chris Wallace told The Wrap on Tuesday the media has treated Donald Trump “too well.”
Mediaite reported:

fellow moderator Chris Wallace spoke to The Wrap yesterday (before Trump’s big announcement) and said he actually thinks “if anything, the media has treated him too well.”

He’s specifically referring to how many shows, especially the Sunday shows, are willing to do phone interviews with Trump. Wallace pointed out that 1) that isn’t done with any other candidate, and 2) he has refused to do it with Trump.

“Quite frankly,” he argued, “it’s a quick, cheap ratings hit to do a phone interview… I think that’s surprising and disappointing.”

Wallace also weighed in on Trump going after Kelly so strongly:

I don’t think that Trump fears Megyn Kelly. I think to a certain degree he’s trying to work the refs. A lot of politicians do that. They think if they complain or if they threaten then maybe they’ll get a more favorable question. I know Megyn doesn’t fear Trump and I never felt that Trump fears Megyn. It’s all just part of the political game.

He said he was proud that Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes was so vocal in defending Kelly from Trump’s attacks.

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