MO Woman Credits Second Amendment for Saving Her Family (Video)

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A Missouri woman credited her Second Amendment rights for saving her family. Katie Claxton wrote about her experience on Facebook this week.
FOX2 Now reported:

A Missouri woman says the right to carry a gun saved her family’s life last Sunday night. They were filling up their vehicle at a gas station when a man, armed with a knife, opened the door to get inside.

The family of four stopped at the Rapid Roberts on Sunshine Street just west of Highway 65 at about 8pm. A man approached their car acting strange.

Katie Claxton describes the tense moments in a Facebook post:

He opened the door and pulled put a knife about the size of a machete and pointed it at me while starting to get in the van. I screamed, “Matt get your gun!!!!” And the guy stopped getting in the car and said, “You’re lucky he has a gun” and then shut the door and started walking away.”

Claxton says she told her husband Matt to shoot the stranger. Instead, he fired off a call to 911.

Officers showed up soon after and took David Middleton, 42, into custody. He has been charged with two counts of unlawful use of a weapon.

Katie Claxton posted this video on Facebook:

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