Marco Rubio Continues to Support Amnesty: “We’re Not Going to Round Up 12 Million People” (Video)

Marco Rubio joined America’s Newsroom Friday morning following the FOX News GOP Iowa Debate.
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Rubio told Bill Hemmer he doesn’t understand why people are still talking about his Gang of Eight bill with top Democrats. Rubio also said the US is not going to round up 12 million people and deport them.

Marco Rubio: This issue about what do you do with people who are in this country illegally, I’ve already said we’re not going to round up and deport 12 million people. We’ll see what the American people are willing to support. This is a very reasonable country, a very compassionate country. Nothing is going to happen on immigration until illegal immigration is brought under control.

Bill Hemmer: You intimated that last night but why not just be more transparent about that?… Say, “Hey, I’ve changed my mind and Governor Bush you’ve changed your mind?” There was a note of that last night but to be more obvious about it would likely go a long way.

Marco Rubio: But it is obvious. The bottom line is, it’s not about changing your mind. That approach has no chance of passing. Why are we going to continue to bang our head against the wall on an approach that has zero chance of passage? You are not going to pass a comprehensive approach. It has been attempted now five times. And I think it’s harder to do today than ever… This approach that it has to be comprehensive or nothing at all, that’s an approach Democrats are trying to ram down our throats…

Via America’s Newsroom:

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