SICK. Liberal Columnist Wants To Swap Donald Trump FOR MEXICAN DRUG LORD El Chapo

Guest post by Aleister

el chapo trump

Liberals can’t stand Donald Trump because he’s exposing them as pitiful weaklings who want to turn the country into Sweden. Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah even proposed swapping GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for murderous Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

Newsbusters reports:

Dean Obeidallah may be a comedian, but his tweets before and during the Republican president debate on Jan. 14, were not funny.

Even the background of his twitter page revealed his disdain for Trump with an image of the businessman made up to be a crying clown.

The liberal Daily Beast columnist and Sirius XM show host lashed out at GOP candidates, especially Donald Trump. Before the main debate on the Fox Business Network began, Obeidallah was already busy dehumanizing the candidates, and asking to “swap Trump for El Chapo.”

el chapo trump

Some liberals should really be institutionalized.

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