Liberal Actor Danny DeVito Claims America is a RACIST COUNTRY (VIDEO)

Danny DeVito pic

Actor Danny DeVito made headlines this week by declaring in an interview that America is a racist country, further proving that no one should ever take Hollywood seriously when it comes to politics.

This is all about the stupid controversy over the Oscar Awards being racist.

Story via Weasel Zippers:


Danny DeVito: ‘It’s Unfortunate That The Entire Country Is A Racist Country’

So the same people who you are calling racists for not voting for black people this year are the same people who voted for black people in prior years. And you indict the entire country for racism because of this idiotic protest which can’t even be borne out by the statistics? The Oscar statistics show that black people receive Oscars basically in relation to the their proportion in the population.

Watch the video:

In 2008, liberals insisted we had to elect Obama to end racism. Now that his presidency is ending, they’re claiming America is more racist than ever.

It’s nothing more than a shell game.


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