LGBTQRSTUV: Social Media Site Allows Users To Pick From OVER 250 GENDERS

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Thanks to progressives, sexual orientations and the natural genders of male and female have become a joke and you can be any gender or sexual orientation you want to be. Nothing is ‘natural born’ anymore, it’s all fake and made up.

Ryan Girdusky at Red Alert Politics reports:

For boomers trying to be accepting of transgender people like Caitlynn Jenner, make sure you become very open minded, because some millennials believe in more than 250 genders.
Tumblr is a social networking site where social justice warriors millennials go to join other likeminded individuals that spend their day complaining that everything is offensive.

Age of Shitlords posted a complete list of genders someone can choose from on Tumblr, and there is one for every kind of person:


An anxious person that is easily impressionable or takes too many shrooms can be “Xumgender.” That gender is the state of never being satisfied with your gender due to constant self-doubt or identity issues. Someone with this gender is constantly searching for “the truth” but will never find it because of their neurotype.

Someone who watched The Craft too many times may consider themselves “Witchgendered.” They have “closeness or connection to witchcraft and magic.”

If someone has seasonal depression, they may also be “Temporagendered” which changes with the season.

There’s just nothing else to say about this. Complete insanity.

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