Leonardo DiCaprio Offered Main Role In Movie ABOUT COMMUNIST VLADIMIR LENIN


The Bernie Sanders supporters in Hollywood must be excited about this news. It’s another opportunity to make socialism and communism look cool.

Paste Magazine reports:

DiCaprio Offered Role of Vladimir Lenin in Russian Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio’s several Oscar snubs have become the butt of a long-standing joke. And although many predict that he’ll finally take home the little gold statue for his role in The Revenant at the 88th Academy Awards ceremony next month, the academy may decide to pull a Mean Girls and “none for Gretchen Wieners” the actor once again. But even though the two and a half hour grunting session that was his nominated performance may go unappreciated by the academy, our Eastern frenemies in Russia liked what they saw.

A St. Petersburg based studio Lenfilm has offered Leo the role of young Vladimir Lenin in an upcoming biopic based on the socialist revolutionary’s life. The offer wasn’t quite unsolicited, as DiCaprio gave an interview where he expressed interest in portraying Lenin, Rasputin or Russian President Vladimir Putin—three people who have almost nothing in common save for the fact that they are or were Russian men.

Lenfilm is the most prominent and oldest film studio in Russia, dating back to 1914 when a local military committee in St. Petersburg created Russian cinema. It comes as little surprise that the studio took the actor’s comment seriously, because the Oscar nominee would make a fairly convincing Lenin, as he even slightly resembles the bolshevik leader.

Here’s an important question…

Where are they going to find millions of actors to play all the people Lenin killed through starvation and other forms of genocide?



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