Lena Dunham Says Hollywood Lacks Diversity Even Though HER SHOW IS ALL WHITE

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Lena Dunham is the perfect poster child for progressive hypocrisy. She thinks Hollywood has a diversity problem while ignoring her own TV show.

The Daily Caller reports:

Hollywood Is Too White, Says Lena Dunham, Whose Own Show Is All White

Lena Dunham recently criticized Hollywood for its lack of diversity, but is she being a hypocrite?

During an interview at the Sundance Film Festival, Dunham urged Hollywood to “stop ignoring” certain voices.
“The idea that there aren’t enough diverse filmmakers or there aren’t enough woman filmmakers to give jobs to, it’s simply a fallacy and I know that because I’m here and I’m seeing the movies,” Dunham said.

“If the studio system is ignoring these voices then we have a very serious problem. They are and the fact is this dialogue, and the promises that the Academy has made, is the beginning of shifting that, but what really needs to happen is that people need to take notice and give resources to these voices.”

Self awareness is difficult for some people.

Maybe Dunham should work on her own problems before criticizing others.



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