Left Wing Loon At Salon Thinks Bernie Sanders COULD BE THE NEXT RONALD REAGAN

Bernie Sanders Ronald Reagan

Isn’t it funny how whenever leftists hold up their preferred candidates to American presidents, they always compare them to Republicans like Lincoln or Reagan? When was the last time a leftist said a Democrat candidate could be our next Jimmy Carter?

This column at the far left site Salon is hilarious:

Bernie Sanders could be the next Ronald Reagan

While President Obama is certainly historic in being the first African American president, he has not ushered in any kind of paradigm shift, as Roosevelt and Reagan did before him. Sadly, we are still living in a broadly neoliberal, pro-capital country and world, and Obama has governed only slightly to the left of Bill Clinton. And, while Hillary Clinton has attempted to promote herself as a pragmatic populist, one would have to be awfully uninformed to expect any kind of political transformation with her at the helm. Clinton is more of a poll-driven political realist than Obama, without much of a discernible ideology. Using Berlin’s terminology, she is the epitome of a fox, and would almost certainly govern to the right of our current president.

So it is that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), who is a hedgehog like Reagan, is the only current presidential candidate who could potentially bring Reagan-style transformation if elected. Like Reagan, Sanders has a central vision, with policy ideas that wouldn’t stand a chance of passing in our current Congress. His goal is to bring forth a “political revolution,” just as Reagan did. When Reagan ran for president, he captured the vote of many former Democrats — namely, Reagan Democrats. Today, Sanders wants to recapture their vote. And, like Reagan, the idea of Sanders becoming president was “inconceivable” to the establishment not too long ago. For many, it still is.

The similarities don’t stop there. Reagan was one of the most personally liked presidents in recent history, and Sanders has the best favorability and trustworthy ratings of all the current presidential candidates, Democrat or Republican.

These people are insane.


First of all, unless Hillary Clinton goes to jail Bernie Sanders is never getting the Democrat nomination.

Second, Ronald Reagan was popular because he adamantly opposed the socialist style of government that Bernie Sanders wants for America.

Nice try, progressives.


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