Kent State Professor Being Investigated By FBI FOR RECRUITING STUDENTS TO ISIS

kent state

College campuses are leftist hotbeds already, but now one particular professor at Kent State has been actually recruiting students to be jihadists.

Weasel Zippers reports via Kent Wired:

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating Julio Pino, a Kent State associate history professor, for alleged involvement with the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIl.

A joint terrorism task force has been investigating Pino for the last year and a half, said an FBI special agent who did not wish to be named for safety reasons.

“There is no direct threat to the university,” the agent said.

The agent said they interviewed several faculty members and more than 20 of Pino’s students Tuesday about his alleged involvement. He is also being investigated for allegedly recruiting students to join ISIS.

Can we all now agree that something needs to be done about radical leftism on college campuses?


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