Vice President Joe Biden Knocks Bernie Sanders: WE DON’T NEED SOCIALISM

joe biden

Democrats know that if the progressive base of their party gets its way and nominates Bernie Sanders, they’ll lose big time. Even Joe Biden is getting in on the action now.

Mediaite reports:

Biden Joins Other Dems Knocking Sanders: We Don’t Need Socialism

At the World Economic Forum in Switzerland today, Vice President Joe Biden appeared to take a swipe at presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, a Democratic socialist. He spoke of strengthening the middle class, cautioning against socialism as he did so.

We already reported today that Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton took hits at Sanders recently as he began closing the gap between himself and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in polls. Last night, following an appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show during which he referred to Planned Parenthood as “part of the political establishment,” the Left continued to berate him.

The funny thing is, most Democrats do want socialism.

They just don’t like the fact that Bernie Sanders is open about it.


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