Israeli Police Arrest Killer’s Brother – Search Continues for Muslim Gunman Who Opened Fire at Pub

Israeli police identified the shooter today who murdered two people at a Tel Aviv bar and wounded seven others.

Nashad Milkham was arrested in 2007 after he tried to steal an Israeli soldier’s gun.
YNET reported on the crime in 2007 (translated).

** Milkham was smiling when he gunned down the Israelis at a bar.


The killer was filmed shopping at a grocery store before his deadly attack.

Here is another photo of a man identified as Nashad when he was arrested in 2007.

On Saturday police arrested the killer’s brother.
i24 News reported:

Israeli Police on Saturday entered the family home of the 29-year-old Israeli Arab suspected of carrying out Friday’s deadly shooting attack in Tel Aviv in a bid to gather more information on his whereabouts. During the raid of the apartment in the central Wadi Ara area police confiscated a computer and arrested his brother for questioning, Israeli news website Walla reported.

Security officials announced in the morning that they believe the assailant is still in the Tel Aviv area, Israel’s Channel 2 reported. Police forces have been dispatched to search abandoned warehouses and construction sites.

Two people were killed and at least seven wounded Friday when a gunman opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on a pub and nearby cafe in central Tel Aviv, but the motive behind the attack was not immediately clear. Two of the injured remain in intensive care at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov hospital.

The shooting came amid a recent wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis and days after the leader of the Islamic State (IS) group threatened the Jewish state with violence.

However, police stressed they were investigating in “all directions”.

Security camera footage and fingerprints subsequently led police to identify the assailant as an Israeli Arab from Wadi Ara. According to media reports, his father saw the picture of the shooter caught on a security camera and called police. The shooter’s father told police that the attack was carried out using his gun, which his son stole. Media reports that the shooter’s father is a police volunteer and a security guard.

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