Iranian Regime Broadcasts ‘Confession, Apology, Thank you’ Video of US Captives

Iran state television broadcast a videotaped confession and apology from soemone identified by Iranian media as the commander of the US Navy personnel who were captured Tuesday after allegedly straying into Iran territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. The ten captured sailors were released Wednesday.

Iran Interrorgates US sailors Twitter
Captive U.S. sailors interrogated by Iranian military. Image via Iran media, Twitter.

Two video clips were posted to social media by an Iranian journalist. At the beginning of the first video clip, the unidentified American can be heard saying in English:

“It was a mistake. That was our fault. And we apologize for our mistake.”

An unseen interrogator then speaks in Farsi followed by an unseen English translator who asks/states that the GPS unit used by the sailors “computed that you had penetrated to Iran territorial water?”


The American responded:

“I believe so.”

The video was posted to Twitter by Abas Aslani with the Iranian Tasnim News Agency.

Aslani posted a another video clip of the captives in which the American thanks the Iranians.

The interpreter asked, “How was the Iranian behavior with you?”

The American replied:

“The Iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. We thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance.”

The interrogator speaks in Farsi followed by the interpreter asking,”Did you have a special problem?”

The American replied:

“We had no problems, sir.”

Seated to the left of the American are one male and one female American hostage who was wearing a Muslim head covering. No other Americans are seen or heard speaking in the videos.

Another screen image of the capture of the American sailors was posted, this one showing them wearing blindfolds as was done to American hostages during the 1979 Iranian takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

The image was posted by an anti-American propagandist.

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