Indiana Dem Councilman Charged With Murder SWORN IN BEHIND BARS


What’s worse, the fact that this guy was allowed to run for office or that people actually voted for him? The Democrats must be so proud of this guy.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

East Chicago councilman charged with murder takes oath of office while behind bars

East Chicago City Councilman Robert Battle took the oath of office from behind bars at the Porter County Jail last week.

Battle was re-elected to his council seat in November, one month after murder and drug charges were filed by the federal government.

An unnamed official was brought in to do the swearing-in on Friday for Battle, who is being held in federal custody at the Porter County facility, according to Sheriff David Reynolds.

“There is no reason for me to deny it legally,” Reynolds said, adding he spoke to the U.S. marshal, who agreed. Battle could have chosen to be sworn in via video conferencing but opted for an in-person oath, Reynolds said.

Indiana law permits Battle to hold his seat – and collect the $42,365 salary that it pays – until he resigns, admits his guilt on any of the charges or is found guilty in court. Battle, a Democrat, ran unopposed in November and received 308 votes.

What a sad comment on our system that he could be elected, sworn in and paid while facing murder charges.

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