Irony? Al Jazerra Mocks Oregon Militia As “Y’all Qaeda”


Al Jazerra was once referred to as the “terror network”. As a matter of fact, three Al Jazerra reporters were sentenced to three years in jail for aiding terrorists in Egypt.

While Al Jazerra doesn’t appear to mind getting into bed with Islamic extremists they seem to draw the line at American militia.

American news outlets have, for the most part, concentrated on why the militia have recently occupied an empty building in a Federal park in Oregon, Al Jazerra has instead decided to highlight how twitter is mocking the protesters by labeling them as “Y’all Qaeda” terrorists:


“As authorities adopted a wait-and-see approach to deal with a group of self-described militiamen occupying a United States federal building in the remote high desert of the state of Oregon, perhaps the strongest reaction to the siege has been on social media.

The group of armed men, holed up at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since Saturday, have been mocked mercilessly over their protest against a prison sentence for local ranchers accused of burning government land and their calls for more armed “militiamen” to join them.
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And as US media organisations continued to struggle with ways to best describe those involved in the Oregon siege, a trio of hashtags emerged on Twitter to lend them a hand: #YallQaeda, #Yeehawd and #VanillaISIS.

If a news outlet who has had employees sentenced to prison for assisting Islamic extremists deciding to mock American militia by labeling them as terrorists isn’t irony, or at least hypocritical, then I don’t know what is.

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