Horror! ISIS Locks Christians in Caskets – Sets Them on Fire

The Islamic State continues to shock the civilized world with their methods of torture and murder.
isis string bombs

ISIS prison guards reportedly locked Christians in caskets and burned them alive.
The Christian Post reported:

An Iraqi soldier who escaped from an Islamic State prison has described the terror group’s brutal torture of Christians, many of whom died during the torture.

“They tortured the [expletive] out of the Christians and some died in the process,” Sergeant Karam Saad of the Iraqi military, who was held captive in June 2014, told Independent Journal.

“They would take some and lock them in a kind of casket, and set it on fire from the inside,” he added. “I only spent three nights in prison. During that time, I paid attention to how many guards were on duty and any signs of weaker security.”

IS, an offshoot of al-Qaeda, seeks to establish a caliphate in the Levant region and beyond. The Sunni terror group controls many parts of Iraq and Syria, and Christians are among their civilian targets.

Saad criticized President Barack Obama’s strategy to fight IS, which mainly involves airstrikes by an international coalition.

“The airstrikes are not effective and there are really no functional operations. The coalition is [expletive]! They might get a couple good shots here or there, but for the most part it’s not an effective strategy,” he was quoted as saying.

ISIS is also reportedly using Christian churches as torture chambers.
isis monastery of mar elian
ISIS jihadists preparing to destroy the ancient Syriac Catholic monastry of Mar Elian in the central Syrian town of Al-Qaryatain. (Mirror)

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