Hillary Says Oregon Militia Should Be Charged For “The Illegal Action They Have Taken”


In what has to be one of the best examples of hypocrisy in the new year, the same woman who was never charged for stealing furniture from the White House, or fined when her staff vandalized the White House, and who’s currently under federal investigation for an email scandal but will probably never see the inside of a jail cell for it, has suddenly decided to voice her legal opinion on the militia stand off in Oregon.

During a recent interview with The Las Vegas Sun Democratic Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, stated that the militia members in Oregon should be charged for the illegal action they have taken:

(Question posed by The Las Vegas Sun)

“Cattle rancher Cliven Bundy led an armed standoff with law enforcement nearby in Bunkerville in 2014. Now his sons are leading an armed occupation of a federal building in Oregon. How would you, as president, respond to those incidents?

(Hillary’s Reply)

Well, every incident where people are violating the law and potentially posing a threat to law enforcement and civilians has to be approached very carefully. I think that the federal and local law enforcement officials are very carefully trying to manage this so it doesn’t result in bloodshed.

I understand that the occupiers of the federal land have said that they will leave if the local community doesn’t want them, and from what I’m seeing in the news, the local community doesn’t want them. They should leave — leave peacefully — but they should be charged for the illegal action they have undertaken, trespassing, breaking and entering and the like.

It’s always best if we can resolve any kind of situation like this in a peaceful way, but people have to also be put on notice that the law has to be obeyed.”

While Mrs. Clinton failed to expound upon what other charges were covered under the term “the like”, one can speculate that she might support sending the militia to Gitmo in Cuba for interrogation.


But regardless, when it comes to the enforcement of the law in America, criminal charges are for the little people and not for royalty like the Clintons.

(Image: ABC News)

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