Hillary Laughs When Asked to Release Transcript of Goldman Sachs Speeches (VIDEO)

Hillary laughs

Hillary Clinton has made a lot of money giving speeches to big financial companies like Goldman Sachs. When a reporter recently asked her if she would release the transcripts of those speeches, she laughed and then ignored him.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Clinton Laughs When Asked to Release Transcripts From Goldman Sachs Speeches

Hillary Clinton could not help but laugh Friday when a reporter asked her to release the transcripts from her high-priced Goldman Sachs speeches at a rope line in New Hampshire.

“Will you release the transcript of your paid speeches at Goldman Sachs?” a reporter from the Intercept asked Clinton at a campaign event, referring to the $675,000 she has earned in speaking fees from the bank.

Clinton looked directly at the reporter, and after a pause, laughed in his face. She then carried on greeting supporters.

“There’s a lot of controversy over those speeches,” the reporter said. “Secretary?”

Clinton continued to speak over the reporter, drowning him out.

“Hi! So glad to see you!” Clinton said.

“Is that a no?” the reporter persisted.

Clinton ignored his question and repeated a greeting to another supporter.

Watch the video:

She sure seems transparent and honest, doesn’t she?


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