Hillary Clinton Pushes Gun Control With Gabby Giffords In Iowa (VIDEO)

Hillary gun control Iowa

At a recent appearance in Iowa, Hillary Clinton pushed for gun control with Gabby Giffords, the Democrat who was shot by a lunatic in 2011.

CNN reported:

Standing With Gabby Giffords, Clinton asks Iowans to make guns a voting issue

Hillary Clinton urged voters Saturday to make gun control a key issue in the Iowa caucuses, pledging to take on the issue at an event where former Rep. Gabby Giffords endorsed the former secretary of state.

Giffords, the Arizona Democrat who was shot in the head during an appearance in front of a Tucson supermarket in 2011, called Clinton a “tough” and “courageous” candidate and pledged her support because Clinton “will stand up to the gun lobby.”

“Speaking is hard for me,” Giffords said, a nod to the fact that she is still recovering from the near-fatal shooting. “But in January 2017, I want to see these words, ‘Madame President.'”

Here’s a video from the Associated Press:


In case you’ve forgotten, the left wrongly blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting of Giffords.


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