Hillary Clinton Fans in Iowa Wait in Line For Hours FOR A FIVE MINUTE SPEECH

Hillary Iowa City

Hillary Clinton fans in Iowa waited in line for hours on a cold day to see their favorite candidate but were let down when she finally appeared and gave a speech that lasted only five minutes.

The Guardian reported:

Hillary Clinton angers Iowa fans who waited hours for five-minute speech

Hillary Clinton left her audience cold in Iowa City on Thursday night, after she spoke for less than five minutes to a crowd of more than a thousand people, some of whom had lined up for more than an hour to see her.

After a day marred by a new poll showing Bernie Sanders leading her by eight points in Iowa, Clinton might have been expected to go for broke during a rally at the University of Iowa, which featured a performance by popstar Demi Lovato.

But Clinton did not refer to the Vermont senator, or much else, in her speech. The lack of length and substance of her address appeared to upset some in the crowd.

“It was like a political commercial,” said Allison Steigerwald, a 24-year-old graduate student at the university. “I thought she was saying goodbye to Demi and then she’d start her speech. But it never happened.”

“It was very short,” said Jennifer Marks, 22. “There were a lot of statements. Like: ‘We are we going to make things happen.’” Marks said. “No actual how.”

“I just feel bad for the people who got here at five,” she said.

Keep this in mind the next time Hillary says she cares about middle class Americans.

The truth is she couldn’t care less.


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