Helsinki Woman Beaten – Daughter Licked – By Migrants at New Year’s Eve Celebration

helsinki new years
Helsinki New Year’s Eve

A Helsinki woman was beaten and her daughter licked by migrants this year at the annual New Year’s Eve celebrations.
Ilta Sonomat (translated) reported, via Tundra Tabloids:

Helsinki police are investigating an alleged molestation case which occurred on New Year’s night.

According to the information received by the Ilta-Sanomat, a group of foreign males besieged a mother and minor daughter when they were moving on the outskirts of Helsinki Senate Square and Union Street.

The men isolated them from each other and began to lick the daughter’s neck and face. When the mother tried to intervene, she began to be hit in front of the child.

Detective Chief Inspector, Teija Koskenmäki-Karaharju, confirms that the Helsinki police received a report on the matter.

The case is being investigated at the moment as a crime under the titles of sexual harassment and assault.

– We are ascertaining and investigating the story, the case is still open and the charges may change.

Koskenmäki-Karaharju says that no one has been detained or arrested in connection with the case. It is not known how many men there were.

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