Harvard Dean Denounces All Male Clubs And Wants To Force Them TO ACCEPT WOMEN

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Liberals and progressives tell us repeatedly that men and women are equal. If that’s true, women can have all-women clubs and men should be allowed to have all-male clubs. Apparently, that’s just too offensive.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Harvard University’s undergraduate dean is angering alumni by attempting to force the school’s all-male final clubs to accept women, a move that some say threatens freedom of association and diversity at one of the nation’s most elite colleges.

According to Harvard alumni and former members of all-male final clubs, Harvard College dean Rakesh Khurana, appointed to his post in 2014, is prepared to make it against university rules to join the groups.

The dean delivered a “veiled threat” to graduate members of the clubs during a closed-door meeting last fall that “students who joined any of the clubs would be subject to expulsion,” one alumnus and graduate member of a final club said.

“He has as much as said, ‘This is what we foresee,’” the alumnus continued. “If the clubs don’t agree to these changes, harsher things will happen.”

Nothing can just be simple with progressives. Everything has to be politicized and turned into a social commentary on gender norms.

Good grief, when is the madness going to end?

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