GROSS. Abortion and Baby Harvesting Supporters Disrupt Annual March for Life in Washington DC

As thousands of Pro-Life supporters marched in Washington DC at the annual March for Life a few dozen abortion and baby harvesting supporters tried to disrupt the annual event.

The abortion and baby harvesting supporters held a die-in on the street with fake blood on their crotches.
abortion on demand
The protesters want abortion and baby harvesting on demand up to 9 months of pregnancy.

Newsbusters reported:


During the 2016 March for Life Friday, a few dozen pro-abortion activists staged a “die-in” by lying down outside the U.S. Supreme Court to represent women dying from back-alley abortions. It was the second year straight where radical protesters tried to halt the thousands who came to D.C. to speak for the voiceless. Last year, the group’s behavior caused arrests at the march. The group Stop Patriarchy took credit for this year’s event. Surrounded by tens of thousands of marching pro-lifers as well as police, abortion supporters wearing white pants stained with red dye dropped down on the sidewalk.

The pro-abortion demonstration, held on the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, ironically followed in the footsteps of the pro-life movement, which often organizes die-ins for the millions of babies destroyed by abortion since United States legalized abortion.

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