GOP Elites Blow $65 Million on Jeb Bush and His Failed Campaign

jeb trump

GOP elites have blown $65 million on Jeb Bush so far this campaign cycle and have another $30 million to blow on his failed campaign.
Roll Call reported:

The spectacular bust of Jeb Bush’s campaign for president so far is as much a story about Bush himself as it is about the failure of Right to Rise, the shock-and-awe super PAC that was supposed to launch him into the lead and keep him there.

Right to Rise raised $103 million in 2015 and has spent more than $65 million so far. But nine months after he got into the race, Bush has collapsed from first to a tie for worst and is now polling at less than 5 percent nationally.

There’s no nice way to say this, and I’ll take it back if he wins, but Bush’s super PAC donors just wasted $103 million. It’s only made more mind-boggling by what all of that money could have paid for instead, including the sorts of things his family has always worked for. For $103 million, the donors could have:

** Bought 20 million children’s books for the Barbara Bush Foundation.
** Sent 22,421 4-year-olds to preschool for a year.
** Covered a year’s tuition for 10,624 students to go to college.
** Paid for a year of anti-retroviral drug treatment for 719,424 children in Africa. Read it again — 719,424 children.

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