Hippie ISIS

This progressive dope might want to have himself measured for a casket before he tries to defeat ISIS with music.

The stupidity of the left really knows no bounds.

The Daily Beast reports:


This Portland Hippie Is Planning a ‘Peace Concert’ in ISIS-Controlled Syria

ISIS generally doesn’t respond well to music.

But that isn’t stopping James Twyman, an author and musician based in Portland, Oregon, from planning a trip to ISIS-held territory in Syria later this month to help bring peace to the region through the power of a musical-prayer concert.

“Performing the peace prayers in ISIS Controlled Syria will be the most important and dangerous peace mission of my life,” the self-described “Peace Troubadour” blogged last month.

“Every peace mission I’ve been on has been dangerous, but this journey is without question the most perilous, and in my opinion—the most important,” Twyman wrote. “People everywhere are concerned about the escalating violence in the Middle East, especially with the rise of ISIS, but they don’t feel empowered to be part of the solution. That is what we are about to change.”

Twyman, slinging his Cordoba classical guitar, is scheduled to fly out Jan. 20. He’ll first spend a weekend in Italy getting ready for the show, then will hop a flight to Tel Aviv to meet a handful of supporters and organizers. From there they’ll travel to the Israel-Syria border and set up their musical-prayer homebase in Majdal Shams, an Israeli-occupied Druze town in Syrian territory. (Twyman traveled to the same town in 2013 for a previous peace vigil for Syria.)

As Instapundit says, what could go wrong?


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