GERMANY USES WATER CANNONS On Its Own People For Protesting Migrant Rapes (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

Thousands of Germans turned out this week at the weekly Pegida protest against the Islamic invasion of Europe.
This was the first major protest since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks by hundreds of migrants.

German officials sent out hundreds of police officers to intimidate the peaceful protesters.


They also used water cannons on the anti-rape protesters.
Germany water cannons

The German government cracked down on their own people for protesting and even turned water cannons on their citizens.

Express UK reports:

Police fire WATER CANNON at Cologne protesters as anger over NYE sex attacks boils over

Around 1,000 men of “North African and Arabic” appearance formed gangs to rob, rape and assault women in the German town.

Members of far-right group PEGIDA were among those who took to the streets of the German city to march against the attacks and also express outrage at an alleged cover-up by police and media organisations over the involvement of migrants.

Police were said to have turned the water cannon on members of the right-wing group after a stand-off with officers threatened to boil over.

Notice how the protesters are described as right wing and far right but the politicians who are responsible are never labeled as left wing or far left.

Here’s a video from CNN:

Question: Why aren’t feminist groups protesting over the mistreatment of German women?


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