German Feminist is OK With RAPIST REFUGEES

German feminist

Modern feminism is not about the advancement of women, it’s about the advancement of leftism. If feminists truly cared about women, there would be outrage about the numerous sexual assaults in Europe by Muslim refugees.

Instead, they’re supporting rapists and calling detractors racists.

Red Alert Politics reports:


German feminist welcomes refugees: ‘Better rapists than racists’

A Facebook page for the radical left in Germany had a message for young women: “diversity is more important than your security.”

Rote Antifa posted a picture of young feminist on Thursday, holding a sign that stated she preferred rapists from Syria and North Africa over nationalists in Germany who have demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel stop taking in more refugees.

“Prefer sexually active fugitive as German racists,” was featured as the pictures caption.

Germany cities with high levels of refugees have been plagued with explosive increases in sexual assaults over the last few months.

The city of Cologne saw more than a thousand refugees molesting, assaulting, and raping young German women on New Years Eve alone.

This is just one more reason why no one should take feminists seriously.


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