FOX News Embarrasses Itself Again=> GOP Debate Filled With Gotcha Moments, Interruptions and Attacks

kelly cruz wallace

Fox News embarrassed itself last night at the Google/FoxNews/GOP debate.

Megyn Kelly turned what should’ve been a debate into a feature length version of “The Kelly File,” complete with made for TV gotcha moments peppered with rude interruptions.

Donald Trump was BRILLIANT! He saw Fox coming a mile away and side stepped the triangulated ambush led by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace, letting Ted Cruz suffer the brunt of the “Gotcha Debate”.


Fox News didn’t disappoint. In the clip below, Megyn Kelly proudly takes down her man, making her the star of the show. Too bad Fox News isn’t running for president.

What do you expect? When you let TV news people produce a debate for you, don’t be surprised when it looks and feels like a sensationalized drama as opposed to substantive.

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