Former College Roommate and Hollywood Insider Jokes About Murdering Ted Cruz

Because murdering conservatives is funny!
craig mazin
Craig Mazin (SFGate)

Hollywood writer Craig Mazin, who was Ted Cruz’s roommate at Princeton, joked on Twitter recently about smothering Ted Cruz in his sleep.

The double-standard is enough to make you sick.
Could you imagine if a conservative joked about killing failed President Obama? You’d never hear the end of it.

SFGate reported – via News Alert:

Apparently some people feel so strongly about Ted Cruz that they are emailing his one-time college roommate faulting him for not killing Cruz when he could.

Screenwriter Craig Mazin and the future Republican presidential candidate were paired together as freshmen at Princeton in 1988. And Mazin has never forgotten it.

Nor does he make any secret of loathing Cruz. He delights in tweeting embarrassing details about his roommie’s hygiene, his problems with women and his general creepiness.

The comments under his tweet are just as disgusting.

He must be a huge hit with the Hollywood crowd.

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