FLASHBACK: Obama Tells Congress He Doesn’t Believe In BIG GOVERNMENT (VIDEO)

Big Government Obama

President Obama is arguably the most liberal, big government president the United States has ever had, but just a few years ago, he claimed he wasn’t a fan of big government.

CNS News reports:

Seven years ago in his first speech to a joint session of Congress, President Barack Obama declared that he did not believe in “bigger government.”

“As soon as I took office, I asked this Congress to send me a recovery plan by President’s Day that would put people back to work and put money in their pockets, not because I believe in bigger government–I don’t–not because I’m not mindful of the massive debt we’ve inherited–I am,” said Obama in his Feb. 24, 2009 speech to a joint session.

A week before this speech, Obama had signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (H.R. 1), which the Congressional Budget Office estimated at that time would add $787 billion to the deficit.

Lying isn’t anything new for Obama, is it?


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