Exclusive=> Sheriff David Clarke: Previewing the Democrat Debate Minstrel Show

sheriff clarke

In a TGP exclusive, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke weighs in on tonight’s Democratic Primary Debate

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Mrs. Bill Clinton must be looking forward to the Democrat debate to provide some much-needed cover for her imploding campaign from the ever-reliable Congressional Black Caucus. This coming Sunday, America will watch a play – a minstrel show – where the storyline is invented, candidate actors recite their carefully crafted lines in their attempt to “out-black” each other, and the media will applaud.


If you’d like a glimpse at how the progressive establishment defines “debate,” look no further than the pre-debate endorsement of one of the three candidates by the sponsoring organization the Congressional Black Caucus. Nearly all the members of the Congressional Black Caucus have already announced their endorsement of Mrs. Bill Clinton.

This farce of a debate, no doubt designed to shellac yet more fakery onto the campaign of this queen of artificiality, will signal to the country that Mrs. Bill Clinton is officially deemed “friend of the black community.”

This dubious title is bestowed by an organization whose members promote policies that subjugate and demean that very population for which they pretend to speak. This is the same group of congressmen and women who stood in the well of the House of Representatives, groveling at the altar of race politics as they affected the “hands up, don’t shoot” pose for the cameras.

Every man and women who did so had the full knowledge that it ought to have been called “Black LIES Matter” for its false glorification of the worst, criminal elements in the black community. The TRUTH is riddled across America’s cities; in the first ten days of 2016 in Chicago alone, there were 100 people shot.

But the truth matters little when there’s pandering to be done – and so the Congressional Black Caucus queues up for its part in the political theater, to be rewarded for its delivery of the black community with campaign contributions and committee assignments. The Congressional Black Caucus’s eagerness to demonstrate their allegiance to the throne that is Democrat leadership is rivaled only by John Kerry’s Iranian apology reel.

For her part, Mrs. Bill Clinton has parroted her race-baiting lines neatly: she suggests white terrorism is akin to the threat of ISIS and demonizes so-called “police violence” as a scourge when the truth is the only person in the American ghetto trying to bring some semblance of normalcy is the police officer.

This is the same Mrs. Bill Clinton whose numbers have in fact plummeted among Blacks, as noted in the Suffolk University/USA Today September 2015 poll. This is despite her truly promising turn at incorporating a “black accent” at certain events (will she wear a Dashiki Sunday)?

In this play we see acted out by the Democrats, criminals are heroes and police are demonized; the innocents are the nonprofits seeking their government hand-outs and not the mothers and grandmothers trying to keep their children safe in the ghetto.

They will pander to our emotions with terms like “criminal justice reform” and “police violence” and demonstrate instead their contempt for black intelligence.

There’s no reason to think the curtain will be pulled back. The Democrats’ fling with Black Lives Matter may not have gone quite as planned—just ask Bernie Sanders—and the media have been forced, against their will, to acknowledge Mrs. Bill Clinton’s attempts to present herself as the heroine for women. But the play goes on.

Together the Democrats on stage and the Congressional Black Caucus behind the curtain trash the memory of the true champions of the black communitythey trash Rosa Parks, they trash Martin Luther King, Jr., and they trash Ida B. Wells as they honor the criminals and the miscreants.

The truth of what lies outside the theater matters little; the play’s the thing; will the audience flinch?

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