#Win! Environmentalists Lose Their Minds Over New App Which Brings Gasoline To You

Filld guy

If I had to devise a plan to anger those who embrace the fiction that is man-made Climate Change to the point where they would lose their minds, I might suggest setting a pile of tires on fire. But considering that’s illegal in most states, I might just do what a young entrepreneur in California has done. Haul around large tanks full of gasoline in the back of a gas guzzling, carbon emitting pick-up truck in order to deliver fuel to your front door.

In what I can only describe as an idea born from what must be evil genius, Christopher Aubuchon is Co-Founder of a new app called FILL’D which allows you to utilize your phone in order to have gasoline delivered to your door. In a recent interview with National Geographic Mr. Aubuchon says his new app is just allowing people to “get some of their time back” by eliminating their trip to the gas station.

But it’s doing far more than that. The idea of emitting carbon from the tail pipe of a pick-up in order to deliver more of the carbon creating fuel so that people can then emit more of said carbon, is also driving some environmentalists out of their minds.


For instance Alissa Walker, a writer for Gizmodo Australia, has so lost her mind over Mr. Aubuchon’s new app she has resorted to using foul language in order to describe those who might use it (edited for taste):

“But for those times when you are too busy using the petrol you put in your car to actually stop that car and fill it with more petrol. It’s like Uber for lazy pieces of sh*t.”

But it’s not the laziness of people that’s really wedged itself under her craw. It’s the fact that someone is creating carbon emissions in order to perpetuate more carbon emissions that really has her spitting mad:

“I’m not going to go into the myriad issues I see with leaving your petrol cap unlocked while you give a random person your credit card info and licence plate number and entrust they will fill your car with petrol at a fair price (plus $5 delivery fee!) while you’re not around. It’s more about the part where we’re paying trucks to chase us around our neighbourhoods attempting to stick spigots of future emissions into our car holes.”

So while Alissa Walker may decry the inventiveness of the American citizen because it rubs against her sensitive views on “how to save the planet”, I celebrate the Mr. Aubuchon’s go get’em moxie.

Because to me, whenever you combine the American drive to succeed with an idea which totally ticks off environmentalists, it adds up to…Win-Win.

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