Disgusting: Democrats Block Building Funds for Veterans with Alzheimer’s

They care. They really care.
A state facility for veterans with Alzheimer’s was put on hold thanks to Illinois Democrats.
illinois veterans

DNA Info reported:

A partially built veterans facility in Dunning designed to house veterans suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia will not open as scheduled in January 2017, state officials said Tuesday.

Originally scheduled to open in July, the veterans home — the first of its kind in Chicago — got caught in the crossfire between Gov. Bruce Rauner, and the Democrats who control the General Assembly, and is now on hold indefinitely.

Construction stopped in June, and while officials initially said the budget dispute would push its opening back just six months, the facility will not be ready in January 2017 as scheduled, officials said.

For months, the construction site has been fenced off, with the half-built husk of the building visible from Irving Park Road and Oak Park Avenue.

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