Dana Loesch: At What Point Do We Have to Teach Muslim Migrants Not to Rape? (VIDEO)

Conservative radio and TV host Dana Loesch went on with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday to discuss the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Germany up to one million new third world Muslim migrants in 2015.

migrants germany
Seventy percent of the migrants entering Europe were men.

German officials admitted they did not able to fingerprint all of the new migrants flooding across the border.

On New Year’s Eve a horde of young Muslim men sexually assaulted and harassed hundreds of German women outside of Cologne’s busy main train station during public celebrations.

Video captured Muslim men shooting off fireworks at the cathedral and police station in the area.

Tonight Dana Loesch posed the question:

“At what point do we have to teach Muslim migrants not to rape?”

Well said.
This is just the beginning.
Via The Kelly File:

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