Cowardly Democrats Are Holding Debate Tonight DURING TWO NFL PLAYOFFS

2016 Democratic Candidates

The Democratic Party is doing everything it can to hide their debates in order to shield Hillary Clinton from public scrutiny.

Why else would they keep scheduling debates when they know people won’t watch?

FOX News reports:


With Sunday debate, DNC places NFL, ‘Downton Abbey’ fans in tough spot

Once again, a Democratic debate is being held on the weekend, and this one could have a slimmer audience than usual — coming on the same day as two NFL playoff games, not to mention “Downton Abbey.”

The Sunday night debate in South Carolina, hosted by NBC News, is the latest in a series of weekend Democratic bouts. The timing has fueled allegations from Hillary Clinton’s rivals that party leaders are working behind the scenes to minimize her exposure.

This Sunday’s debate is in a particularly rough slot — forcing NFL fans and period drama lovers to choose between politics and pastimes.

On the same day Clinton, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss health care reform and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, there are two NFL playoff games, with the second — Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Denver Broncos – likely to finish only just before the debate begins.

And by the way, fans of PBS’ hit period drama “Downton Abbey” are faced with a much starker choice, as the debate and “Downton” begin at the same time.

NBC News is hosting the debate tonight at 9 PM ET. Watch their promotional video below, where they pretend it’s a big event that will be watched by anyone.

This will probably be the least watched of all the presidential debates so far.

That’s entirely intentional.

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