Crazy Leftists

Have you ever noticed how crazy the left goes over politics and how incredibly vicious they can be? A new column from David Gelernter of the Weekly Standard seeks to explain this phenomenon.

For many on the left, politics is a form of religion:

What Explains the Vicious Left?

When politics becomes a religion, nonbelievers must be punished.

The asymmetry of modern politics is clear to every conservative; painfully clear to several Yale undergraduates who asked me about it recently. Leftists, they pointed out, are hostile, nasty, and seem to have no concept of a civil conversation. Why? Because they are winning? Losing? Are natural-born bullies? And how can this dangerous mood be changed?

It’s not just a question of civility versus rudeness—which of course is no small thing in itself. The deeper problem is that the left seems to have lost its taste for democracy.

Naturally there are exceptions to the modern trend, benign leftists and nasty rightists. (Trump is a special case: see below.) The trend itself is partly explained by the Obama sneer; presidents have enormous influence. FDR’s bouncy, feisty smile, Reagan’s geniality, Clinton’s one-of-the-boys grin, W’s good-natured earnestness are part of history; and Obama’s real “legacy” (aside from worldwide crisis) is that bitter sneer. His rudeness to political opponents has made a rotten political climate much worse. But the left’s growing reputation for belligerent intolerance transcends Obama.

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What else can we expect from Democrats who booed God at their last national convention?


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