Christian Camps in Norway Told to Remove All Crosses Before Muslim Migrants Arrive


Christian camps in Norway were told to remove all Christian symbols before the Muslim migrants arrive.
It may upset them.
Speisa reported:

Christian camps being offered as shelter for asylum seekers are told by the authorities to remove all Christian symbols.

Due to the large influx of asylum seekers to Norway, UDI (Immigration authorities) has found it necessary to lodge asylum seekers in more places than ordinary reception centres.

The Norwegian Missionary Society (NMS), operates several Christian camp sites, which they offer to rent to UDI.

UDI says yes please, but on one condition.

All Christian symbols must be removed before the asylum seekers can move in, says UDI, according to the newspaper Dagen.

– We want the accommodation offered to be religiously neutral, says Vibeke Schjem, press advisor in UDI, to Dagbladet.

She explains that this means that objects should not show signs of belonging to a particular religion or belief, because the housing will be used by people who seek asylum in Norway, regardless of origin, political views, religion or belief.

In October Swedish Bishop Eva Brunne said she would remove crosses and Christian symbols to make her church more inviting to Muslim migrants.

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