Chicago’s PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS Involved In Fraud And Illegal Activity


Chicago public schools are overrun with liberal policies and the public sector unions. So it’s honestly no surprise when a year-end report found that teachers in the school system have been involved with illegal activity from the beginning of 2015.

Washington Free Beacon reports:

Chicago Public Schools employees engaged in improper political activity, stole kids’ museum passes to sell online, smoked marijuana with students, and stole money meant for cheerleader uniforms, according to a year-long review.

The school system’s inspector general released its annual report on Monday. The report offers a summary of investigations conducted by the inspector general in fiscal year 2015, which included the uncovering of a multi-million-dollar fraudulent kickback scheme by Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the school system’s CEO

The inspector general also found that teachers abused their access to make tax-exempt purchases for big-screen televisions, iPads, and DVD boxed sets of TheThree Stooges.

Twelve teachers and a school nurse made $101,500 worth of tax-free purchases at a big-box retailer using the school system’s tax-exempt status. Most of the purchases were for personal items, including home-theater systems, tablets, cell phones, and refrigerators.

One teacher spent $5,100, including $1,100 for a MacBook Air, $300 for an iPhone, $800 for a television, and seasons of Breaking Bad, which he justified as being able to show to his students in class.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the product of progressive liberals running the show.


Image: (Free Beacon)

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