Chelsea Clinton Uses Her Pregnancy To Promote HILLARY’S PRESCHOOL AGENDA (VIDEO)


When you’re a Clinton, every aspect of your life has to be used to further a political agenda and a political career. For Chelsea Clinton, that rule most certainly applies.

Daily Mail reports:

The young Clinton participated in a panel discussion at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, telling the audience that one of her earliest memories of her mother was Hillary Clinton working on the issue.

‘That was more than 30 years ago,’ Chelsea Clinton noted.

She ticked off some of her mother’s policy ideas, including universal pre-kindergarten and tax credits for working families so that they can pay for preschool and other early educational opportunities, telling the small, subdued crowd that this was why she was such a ‘staunch supporter’ of her mom.

Get ready for the mainstream media to go gaga over Chelsea like it’s the 1990’s again.


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