California Police Arrest Panhandler And Discover HE HAS TONS OF CASH

Cash panhandler

Who knew begging for spare change could be so lucrative? Police in California recently arrested a panhandler and discovered he was a walking safety deposit box.

Oliver Darcy reported at The Blaze:

After California Police Arrest Panhandler, Officers Make a Peculiar Discovery While Searching Him

A panhandler arrested in Central California Monday was found to have more than $1800 of cash in his possession.

Kevin Joy, 43, was asking for money on a center median without a permit when he was spotted by officers, the Fresno Police Department said in a statement.

The 43-year-old was taken into custody for violating a municipal code and placed under arrest. As police searched him, officers discovered he wasn’t as poor as some were led to believe — in fact, he had bundles of cash in his possession.

Police said that the man has been cited or arrested for similar violations 11 times within the last 18 days alone — and more than 60 times in 2015.

Keep working hard, conservatives. Other people need your money.



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