BREAKING: Trump Sign in Florida Vandalized Nazi Style With Swastikas

A Trump campaign sign in Jacksonville, Florida was vandalized overnight with Nazi propaganda and swastikas.

No doubt, this was an act by leftists.

The News Commenter has more.


News4Jax reported:
A Donald Trump campaign sign in Riverside has been defaced to resemble Nazi leader Adolph Hitler.

The sign promoting the Republican presidential candidate is inside a vacant storefront at the corner of Park and King streets.

While the sign is inside, the paint defacing the sign is on the outside of the glass. The space at 2655 Park St. used to be the location of Extreme Logo Rugs Inc. The space is owned by Patsy Butts.

The windows of the storefront have been painted with graffiti of a swastika and Hitler’s iconic mustache over Trump’s face, along with the Nazi “SS” emblems on his collar.

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