BREAKING: Unrest in Belle Glade, FL After Black Man Reportedly Killed By White Police Officer

Update: The early media report of a riot in Belle Glade was incorrect. Angry residents confronted police but there were no documented reports of violence or rioting.

“PBSO deputies trying to control an angry crowd after fatal shooting in Belle Glade this morning.”

The small southern Florida town of Belle Glade, located in Palm Beach County, erupted in a riot Saturday after a white police officer reportedly shot and killed a young Black man fleeing from a traffic stop.

“BREAKING: PBSO confirms rioting in Belle Glade in response to fatal deputy-involved shooting”

The dead man is being named on social media as “Scoota Rat” or “Scooter Rat” or “Henry Bennett.”

“Police killed lil scooter in Belle Glade they say he was running away and got shot from behind”

A photo of the alleged victim shows a young Black man seated on a bench flashing a fat spread of cash.

Initial reports said the suspect fired at the officer while fleeing a traffic stop and was shot in the head by return fire.

“PBC Alerts PBSO Deputy-involved Shooting #BelleGlade, 900 SW Avenue D, was a traffic stop, suspect bailed out,..”

PBSO Deputy-involved #Shooting, #BelleGlade, 900 SW Avenue D, suspect shot in head, fatality, Deputy is alright, suspect shot at Deputy”

The southern Florida-based site Gossip Extra reported the deputy who shot the fleeing suspect is white and the victim Black. The shooting reportedly followed a traffic stop in which two occupants of the stopped vehicle fled with one pointing a gun at the deputy.

Gossip Extra confirmed the name of the victim as Henry Bennett, adding in an exclusive report he was 19 and had a criminal record.

Belle Glade is described by experienced Florida reporter Marc Caputo as “not the type of place featured in Chamber of Commerce spots.”

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